Designed and made especially for you
Boxes, Bags and Accessories
Designed & Made For You
Welcome to Maid Marion Designs. I specialise in designing and making boxes for special
occasions: Birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event, for example 21st
Birthday, Golden Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, Valentines, Easter.
Bags and accessories are also made to order. These are crochet which, to those of you
who don't know, is a type of needlecraft. People love the uniqueness of the bags and
can choose their own design including colours and size.
Please look at the sample pages and either email
or call for further information.
The History of Crochet
Crochet (French “hook”) is a method of working interlocking loops of thread into a chain by means of a
slender rod hooked at one end. The work is begun by crocheting a single chain of loops, each new loop
being formed by catching the yarn and drawing it through the previous loop.
The chain is made to the planned width of the finished piece, the yarn is turned at the end of the chain,
and a second chain is crocheted, each new stitch being looped through a stitch in the previous row. Various
stitches are possible, and a variety of textures and patterns can be created. Descriptive stitch names
include chain, single, double, treble, filet mesh, ribbed afghan, pineapple, popcorn and slipper. Little is
known of the early history of crocheting.
Some ancient cords are thought to have been made by finger crocheting. During the renaissance, both
peasant women and ladies of the court executed crochet work and also knotted work using several strands
of thread (macrame), often producing lace like fabrics. Much early crochet was made with fine, thin
thread, producing imitations of European lace; one example is Irish lace, a variety of “crochet lace”
introduced into Ireland about 1820 but also made throughout Europe, particularly in the Balkan states.
Much modern crochet is executed with soft yarns and used to make garments and bed coverings.
Although crochet can be made by machine, it has traditionally been, and continues to be, a home
handicraft. In addition, contemporary fiber artists employ crochet along with other techniques to create
large wall holdings and fiber sculptures.